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3 Reasons Adults Should Consider Braces

Wednesday - January 2nd, 2019
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Photo by Pim Chu on Unsplash

The number of adults getting orthodontic treatment has grown by 40 percent in the past decade. Once considered a treatment for kids and teens, adults are realizing that they, too, can benefit from braces and retainers to straighten their smile.

Just a few years ago, it was unusual to see an adult wearing braces. Fortunately, we’re all over that. Adults everywhere are wearing braces loud and proud – even celebrities. Gwen Stefani rocked her braces with pink hair. Danny Glover incorporated them into some acting roles. And Faye Dunaway made her braces a glamorous accessory on the red carpet.

So why should adults consider braces these days? Here are three BIG reasons.

Shift Happens

As you age, you may notice things shifting in your mouth. Gradual bone loss over time can push teeth inward. Injury at some point in your life can also cause things to move, as can certain medical conditions.

Crooked Teeth Can Be More Than a Cosmetic Issue

A better smile isn’t the only reason to consider straightening your teeth. Crooked teeth and a poorly aligned bite can result in health issues. If you’re experiencing frequent headaches or earaches, talk with your dentist to determine if your oral health might be a contributing factor. If you’re repeatedly biting your cheek or the roof of your mouth, you may have an orthodontic issue that needs to be addressed.

Treatments are Barely Noticeable

Gone are the days of headgear and a mouth full of metal. Brackets today are smaller, and dentists no longer use the highly visible wrap-around bands. Talk with your dentist to see if you might be a good candidate for ceramic braces, which are clear or match your tooth color or removable, clear plastic aligners such as Invisalign, which are becoming very popular among adults. Because they are removable, you have no food restrictions and you’re able to brush and floss as you always do.

The average lifespan continues to increase. Let’s face it. You’re going to be here a while, so you might as well take care of any problems you’re seeing with your teeth – including crooked teeth or crowding.

If you think you’re a candidate for orthodontic treatment such as braces, make an appointment to consult with our team of dental professionals. We’re here to help you achieve your best possible smile in 2019.