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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Dental Care

Monday - April 17th, 2023
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Whether you are aware of it or not, the influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is prevalent throughout our daily lives. We now have phones that suggest product recommendations and some of us even have self-driving cars! It’s hard to remember a time without AI. Have you ever wondered if dentists use AI? Keep reading to discover how AI is transforming dentistry.


Cavities are one of the most frequently encountered dental issues and are usually found through a dental checkup or in your dental x-rays. Thanks to AI, dentists are now able to detect them earlier by recognizing potential cavities that may not be discernible to the naked eye. Furthermore, it can compare current and past x-rays to determine if a cavity has grown over time. With all this information, dentists can provide more cost-effective and minimally invasive treatments to their patients since preventative treatments tend to be more inexpensive.

Gum Disease

AI technology has also helped dentists detect gum disease. Dentists usually look for signs of gum disease by examining red, swollen gums and looking at x-rays to see if there is any bone loss. AI can help dentists with this by measuring the bone levels around the teeth. It can also let the dentist know if someone’s gum disease is stable or worsening by comparing past and current x-rays. These important details provided by AI can help dentists better assess the condition of patients’ gums and determine which treatment plan would be best to reduce their risk of developing advanced gum disease.

Office Tasks

AI not only helps a dental office in the treatment room but can also aid with administrative tasks such as compiling large amounts of patient data, processing insurance claims and even booking your next appointment. By having AI do more of these tasks, the dental staff can concentrate on providing the best customer service to their patients.

AI Does NOT Replace Your Dentist!

It is no question that AI has benefited the dental industry and allowed dentists to perform their examinations more effectively and efficiently. However, please remember that AI knowledge is not superior to the advice of a professional dentist. Rely on our expert dental team at Bright Now! Dental for your personalized dental needs rather than tips Siri or Alexa can give you. Whether you need a root canal, tooth extraction, or any other dental service, find a Bright Now! Dental office near you and schedule an appointment today.