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How to Get Your Teeth Ready for Wedding Season

Wednesday - August 10th, 2016
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Now that wedding season is fast approaching, it’s time to be prepared for cameras and pictures at every turn. Is your smile up to the task? We have tips to get a picture-perfect smile for every occasion in the season.

Step 1: Brighten your pearly whites. This part’s easy-we have quick, one-hour teeth whitening available at your dentist’s office. If you can’t squeeze in a visit, try clinical strength at-home teeth whitening trays from your dentist instead.

Step 2: Choose flattering makeup colors. The right lipstick can make teeth instantly appear whiter. Bright red, cherry red, rosy pink, and bright berry colors are your best bet. Avoid lipsticks with blue undertones since they can bring out yellow in your teeth. Using bronzer can also help make teeth appear brighter.

Step 3: Strike a pose. First, relax your face. Then, smile gently, maintain good posture, put your head back and your drop your chin down slightly. It also helps to turn your head at a slight angle to the camera.

Step 4: Wipe stains away. If you’ve been drinking red wine, gently wipe away wine stains on your teeth and lips with a damp napkin before picture time.

Step 5: Practice. There’s no shame in practicing your smile in the mirror to feel more confident when cameras come out. Try breaking into a smile effortlessly to make it look natural. Also note what angles work best for you.

Don’t forget, a healthy smile is a beautiful smile! Make sure to schedule regular dentist visits to keep yours in the best shape.