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The Top 6 Causes of Bad Breath

Wednesday - August 10th, 2016
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It seems like there are millions of mints, gums, and mouthwashes out there all claiming to help our bad breath.

But instead of masking it, we want to help you learn about the root causes and how you can treat it.

Bad breath, medically called halitosis, usually results from the build up of bacteria in the mouth, and is commonly caused by these culprits:

  1. Poor oral hygiene: Not brushing and flossing regularly can lead to bad breath because trapped food particles will promote foul-smelling bacteria growth.
  2. Gum disease: Bad breath that doesn’t go away after brushing and flossing may be due to gum disease, which is also caused by a build-up of plaque and bacteria. If you suspect gum disease might be the cause of your bad breath, see your dentist right away. Gum disease can lead to more serious problems, such as tooth loss.
  3. Dentures: The same bacteria that grow on natural teeth can also grow on dentures if you don’t clean them regularly and thoroughly.
  4. Dry mouth: Dry mouth inhibits the production of saliva, and saliva is important for clearing away bacteria, neutralizing acids and clearing away dead cells. With less saliva in your mouth, bacteria can grow quickly and cause bad breath.
  5. Cavities: Bacteria in the mouth that has destroyed the tooth enamel and caused tooth decay can also cause a bad odor. Even a tiny amount of dental decay can produce a very bad smell.
  6. Diseases: There are various other illnesses that can lead to bad breath, including respiratory tract infections, sinus infections, diabetes, acid reflux, and liver and/or kidney problems.

If you have chronic bad breath, it’s important to schedule an appointment with your dentist right away.