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Payment Plans: Orthodontist and Cosmetic Dentist Options

Wednesday - February 28th, 2018
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The quest for a perfect smile is a goal that should be attainable and affordable to every dental patient. However, hurdles such as not having dental insurance, or the lack of payment plans provided by dentists can discourage patients from seeking orthodontics and cosmetic dental procedures. At Bright Now! Dental, we believe that the opportunity to confidently wear your smile should be an affordable option. When you have straighter teeth you just feel more confident, and the benefits don’t stop there. Straight teeth and a correct bite can improve your overall dental health, changing your life forever, in a positive way.

Bright Now! Dental is dedicated to make sure that you’re always smiling, so we’ve found some different ways to improve the way patients search for affordable orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry financing options. Rather than blindly searching for a dentist near me, patients can reference several Bright Now! Dental locations within their area to find dental financing options that fit their budget. Learning about the different payment options offered at Bright Now! Dental is the first step to receiving great dental care while staying well within your budget.

Whether you’re seeking braces, Clear Aligners, or other cosmetic procedures like crowns and professional teeth whitening, Bright Now! Dental has payment options to ensure affordability. Even if you have dental insurance, many patients are surprised to find out that not every orthodontic or cosmetic dental procedure is covered by their plan. For these patients it’s important not to let that stand in the way of a perfect smile. Being knowledgeable and resourceful in the ways to best maintain your healthy smile will have an impact on your future health. We’ve laid out the payment plans for patients seeking orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry options.

Affordable Orthodontist

When thinking about getting braces, the biggest drawback usually centers on price. The cost of braces isn’t necessarily black and white. It can vary depending on how severe your teeth are misaligned, the type of braces you choose, and whether your dentist also has to perform other related treatments. Generally, the more serious your case, the more you’ll pay for braces. But this isn’t to worry because Bright Now! Dental has financing and payment plans, as well as special money saving offers that can make your braces more affordable.

When speaking of affordability, metal braces will save your wallet the most amount money. Patients usually pay between $3,000 and $7,000 for treatment overall. Ceramic braces are a little pricey, with costs starting around $4,000. The final option is for lingual braces, which are placed on the tongue side of your teeth. These generally run from $8,000 and $10,000.

While the cost of braces may seem too much at the time, there are a number of ways that Bright Now! Dental makes them more affordable for you. Patients that have dental insurance will have some coverage from their plan already, but the remaining out of pocket amount can be trimmed down with payment plans or special offers. If you do not have dental insurance and are looking at paying the entire cost of braces out-of-pocket, search for an orthodontist near me with payment options. It’s an easier undertaking to pay for braces in smaller installments every month than to pay a lump sum upfront.

Affordable Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Cosmetic procedures, though generally not as expensive as orthodontic treatments, still come with payment plans and other options to assist you. Whether it’s a crown or a professional teeth whitening, both can play a huge role in your overall confidence when it comes to your smile. Crowns are similar to fillings, but are used when a tooth is in need of a more intensive repair. A crown is put on top of the tooth to protect it from future plaque and bacteria, while also cosmetically helping the overall appearance of your tooth. At Bright Now! Dental patients have various options when it comes to dental crowns, including porcelain crown.

In recent years, due to technological advances, teeth whitening has become much more affordable. Patients now more than ever have easy access to treatment options and payment plans thanks to Bright Now! Dental. Whether you prefer to whiten your teeth at your dentist’s office or in the comfort of your own home, there are all sorts of ways teeth whitening treatments can be designed to suit your needs. With dental financing and payment plans, there’s nothing to hold you back from the smile of your dreams. Professional treatment by a qualified dentist will give you beautiful results, without damaging the structure of your teeth.

Dental Financing Options

Financing is an easy way to take care of the costs from your orthodontist or cosmetic procedures. At Bright Now! Dental, there are numerous flexible payment options to choose from, including low down payment and no interest, no money down and no interest, or extended terms up to 48 months at 14.9% promotional interest rates. Whatever your budget, we know how important your smile is to you. Bright Now! Dental doesn’t let anything stand in the way of obtaining your dream. Especially in today’s economy, making room in your budget for you and your family’s oral health care can difficult. We’re making a difference by providing payment plans that work for you, not against you.

Dentist Coupons and Offers

Probably the simplest way to help with your orthodontic and cosmetic treatments is with special coupons and offers run by participating Bright Now! Dental locations. Rather than scanning the internet looking for obscure coupons and hard to find deals, you can sign up to receive them directly from Bright Now! Dental in our newsletter. Or simply visit us online and enter in your zip code to find savings in your local area. You’ll be surprised on the discounts you can receive on everything from braces to teeth cleanings. With multiple offices to choose from, you won’t have any issue finding the right savings for whatever dental services you’re looking for.

Affordable Payment Plans from a Dentist Near Me

Going to the dentist should never be an expensive ordeal, especially when it comes to orthodontics and cosmetic care. Searching for an affordable dentist that has payment plans and options that are tailored for your budget are easy to find by referencing Bright Now! Dental locations in your area. At Bright Now! Dental, there are so many ways we’re helping patients gain access to quality care in ways that’s most affordable to them. We like to make things happen on your terms, by giving you the flexibility to choose what works best for your budget. Give us a call with your questions or schedule an appointment online or by phone at 1-844-400-7645. We’ll find the best way to give you the care you’re looking for, at the price you’re looking for.