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Actual Patient Reviews
Nancy H. on Google
5 months ago
The dental hygienist was a friendly ,competent dental hygienist.
Teddy G. on Google
6 months ago
Great staff members and they also did a great job on my teeth straightening
Douglas V. on Google
7 months ago
Great knowledge; diagnosis; immediate estimate of pricing after my insurance coverage; all very nice staff. No long waiting.
Gail S. on Google
8 months ago
Staff pleasant and Dr George was very and kind and professional. Great experience.
David C. on Google
8 months ago
Excellent and professional , glad to have Dr. George as our dentist 😀
Matt C. on Google
8 months ago
Great experience
beth f. on Google
9 months ago
Amazing, wonderful and fantastic. I have extreme anxiety about dentists. THEY WERE ALL PATIENT WITH ME. They took the time to explain every step and treated me with respect and understanding. I will return with less anxiety for my next appointment. Thank you all. I definitely recommend.
Sandra A. on Google
10 months ago
Great place to have dental work done. Victor George The best!
MIchael . on Google
10 months ago
Great experience! Friendly, competent staff.
James B. K. on Google
11 months ago
Stumbled upon this dental office due to insurance reasons. Very pleased with Dr. George the dentist. Procedures have been on time and no pain. Front desk is up front with charges before procedure so there are no surprises.
Tina R. on Google
1 year ago
The staff was courteous as always and the doctor was very gentle and engaging. The cleaning was not as painful as it was before. I was pleasantly surprised.
Toni R. on Google
1 year ago
The dentist I had at bright Now Dental was very good I felt like a pinch when he put the numbing medication in and I didn't feel anything when he filled my cavities so it took a lot of fear away from me
Angelic M. on Google
1 year ago
Excellent service all the staff is nice and sweet and they take their time and they care
C P. on Google
1 year ago
I enjoy my visit at Bright Now Dental. My Doctor is very Professional, caring and iam very pleased with his Professional caring on taken care of my dental work. The staff overall are as well kind, Professional and caring to accommodate any problem that the patients are expiring. Iam please overall with their services. Mrs Carmen Julia Perez Kramer. Oi-05--52
Jason R. on Google
1 year ago
Nice and friendly and helpful and looking out for YOU
Dale B. on Google
1 year ago
I had to have another crown and really like how well I was taken care of, very little pain and the procedure didn't take long. This is a very good Dental Office to go to.
Firlande . on Google
1 year ago
I had ms Maggie as my hygienist today and let me just say, she was soo sweet. If you’re looking for a dentist/orthodontist, I highly recommend you to check this place out 10/10.
Tri N. on Google
1 year ago
Very friendly staff ! The doctor will tell you what you need to know without a catch.
Richard n. on Google
1 year ago
They got me in early, asked if I wanted one or both teeth filled, asked how much medication I wanted, filled the teeth, asked about my next extraction, and scheduled it. Other dantists don't care this much about your wishes.
Tammie B. on Google
1 year ago
I’ll give this office five stars I was terrified of the dentist now I’m calling asking when my next appointment is. The orthodontic services A1 as well. Best dental experience I’ve had in years.
T. Ray M. on Google
1 year ago
They have done an excellent job, so far. I came there, after having some real problems with another nationwide chain of dentists, deliberately overcharging me. Here, they have, so far, been under what they quoted me, for my dental work. Up to this point, they have had impeccable work. I am due to get my new teeth in, on Monday and am looking forward to it (so long as I don't need that damn needle). The staff is very friendly and helpful, they seem to really like working there and it shows. I look forward to years of having my dental work done there. Thank you, for everything!
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