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Affordable General Dentistry at Bright Now

Keep your smile healthy by scheduling a dental checkup twice a year. Our affordable dental care and comprehensive treatments at Bright Now make it easy to bring the whole family to the same office.
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How Bright Now Serves Your Smile’s Needs

As your family-friendly dental practice, We incorporate dental health education and preventative tips for each member of your family. Our goal, during regular dental exams and cleanings, is to maintain, improve, and restore your dental health for the years ahead.

At Bright Now, we offer everything your family needs for healthy teeth, gum disease prevention, oral cancer screenings, and more. Plus, we accept most dental insurance plans and have our in-house membership plan for families that don’t have dental coverage.

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Comprehensive Dental Exams and Cleanings

Planning routine dental checkups twice a year is one of the best ways to lower your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and the need for extensive or costly future dental treatments.

Our dental experts recommend dental checkups and cleanings at least once every six months to ensure you keep your teeth and gums healthy. If you have a history of periodontal disease or recurring cavities, more frequent exams are necessary and extremely beneficial. These checkups are important for catching and arresting severe dental issues early on. If our team does notice the beginning signs of a dental problem, they will be able to use more minimally invasive procedures to heal your smile. On the contrary, putting off dental checkups can cause any dental issues you may already be experiencing to worsen. In the end, you may need to pay for a more expensive treatment to get it resolved.

Oral Health Assessments and X-Rays

During your checkup, our dentists will thoroughly screen for diseases such as oral cancer and periodontitis. They will screen for signs of abnormal tissues, precancerous lesions, and early signs of soft tissue detachment around teeth.

We also use digital x-ray technology for low-dose assessments of your oral structures. These images allow us to check for tooth decay, cysts or tumors, bone loss, impacted teeth, and diseases that are not visible during a visual examination.

Preventive Dental Care and Treatments

To prevent common oral diseases like tooth decay and periodontal infections, we recommend scheduling a preventative care appointment every six months. During these visits, we include:

Preventative Cleanings

Receive a professional dental cleaning with one of our Registered Dental Hygienists. During your cleaning, we will remove soft plaque and calcified tartar buildup, as well as polish away surface stains to leave your smile looking and feeling fresher.

Dental Sealants

Protective dental sealants help block out cavity-causing bacteria in especially decay-prone areas, such as the chewing surfaces of the back molars. Sealants are recommended on permanent molars, which usually erupt around the ages of 6 and 12, respectively. Dental sealants aren’t just for children anymore.

Fluoride Treatments

Professional fluoride varnish or gel applications strengthen weak and sensitive areas of tooth enamel, reversing early enamel demineralization and lowering your risk of tooth decay.

By maintaining a healthy smile and promoting good oral wellness, you can feel confident about the way your teeth look and feel. Most importantly, preventative dentistry significantly limits your need for complex restorative dental care in the future.

Restorative Treatments

If you do have active decay or damaged teeth, we will tailor a treatment care plan to restore your smile back to its optimal level of health. Depending on the extent of your tooth damage, we may recommend restorative treatments such as:


Minimally invasive white fillings rebuild decayed tooth structure while blending in with your smile.


Full-coverage dental crowns offer 360 protection for severely worn, cracked, or structurally weak teeth.

Root Canals

Endodontic therapy treats dying, abscessed teeth so that you don’t need to extract them, preserving your natural smile.


Multi-tooth restorations replace missing teeth while reinforcing the ones on either side.

Dental Implants

Permanent tooth replacements are designed to mirror the natural function and feel of your real teeth.


Replace all of your missing teeth with efficient, economically priced full or partial denture designs.


Removing your tooth if it’s non-restorable helps prevent damage to your surrounding smile. It can also provide fast relief from painful dental emergencies.

Emergency Dental Care

If you’re in pain, our emergency dental treatments help you address the source of your toothache. We see you as quickly as possible to get you out of pain and offer specialized treatments to get your smile back in no time without breaking the bank.

Why Choose Bright Now for General Dentistry?

By bringing a team of dentists and dental specialists together with the latest dental technology, Bright Now makes it easy to afford high-quality general dentistry and easy to attain since it’s all under one roof.

Entrusting us with your smile means you can enjoy your favorite foods, smile with confidence, and not have to worry about whether or not you can afford dental care for your whole family. We tailor your care experience to your priorities and budget rather than pressuring you to get treatments you don’t want or need. Our holistic approach allows you to experience a beautiful, healthy smile you love.

What is the Bright Now Patient Experience?

The team at Bright Now! Dental is a family-centered dental practice offering comprehensive oral health treatments for all ages. In addition to our general dentistry procedures, we also have in-house specialists to provide more advanced therapies (such as braces, wisdom tooth removal, root canals, and more.)

Our friendly dentists and specialists value your input as we co-plan your care together. If you have concerns about the cost of your treatment, our affordable payment options help take the stress out of paying for your dental care. We offer in-house sedation dentistry at many of our dental offices to keep you as comfortable during longer or more complex procedures.

How Much Do Bright Now General Dentistry Services Cost?

We understand that it can be a little confusing to figure out how much your dental treatment will cost. Since we customize your care to your specific smile and needs at Bright Now, we include a detailed treatment plan with pricing for every patient. Our dentists and specialists will also review alternative treatment options so that you can select the best solution for your budget, insurance benefits, and personal smile goals.

Insurances Accepted

We help you maximize your dental insurance coverage to reduce the out-of-pocket costs related to oral health care. Most dental insurance plans include general checkups and cleanings twice a year as part of your preventative benefits. Locate a Bright Now dentist accepting your insurance with our convenient zip code tool.
If you don’t have insurance, be sure to sign up for Bright Now’s OneSmile Dental Plan. Members pay one annual fee and receive included exams, checkups, x-rays, and 20-40% off all other dental services (including specialty dentistry.)

Bright Now Flexible Payment Plans

Advanced treatment needs—or no insurance coverage—don’t have to get in the way of achieving a healthy smile. At Bright Now! Dental, we offer affordable monthly payment options thanks to low interest financing through our third-party partners.

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