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The Best And Worst Crunchy Foods For Your Teeth

Tuesday - August 9th, 2016
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Today is “Eat a Red Apple Day”! You’ve probably heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But did you know they are also good for your teeth? What about all those other foods that go CRUNCH? This week we’re breaking down the best and worst crisp and crunchy foods for your teeth.

The Bad Guys:

Snack Foods: Crunchy snack foods like chips, crackers and pretzels can be really bad for your mouth. Why? The particles of these foods can easily get stuck in your teeth. Then, when the carbohydrates they contain convert to sugar, they can erode the enamel on your teeth.

Hard Candies: We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again – hard candies are one of the worst things for your mouth. They typically stay in your mouth longer which gives the sugars extra time to wreak havoc on enamel. Also, the sugar in these types of candies can stick to teeth and cause decay.

The Good Guys:

Fruits: It’s a workout for your mouth to chew crunchy fruits like apples and pears, but there’s a payoff in the end! All that crunching can clear away plaque and bacteria. Bonus: they’re also full of healthy fiber.

Raw veggies: Crunchy veggies like carrots and celery are great because they stimulate saliva flow – a natural defense against cavities and gum disease. Plus, they contain beta-carotene, which your body needs to make vitamin A – an essential nutrient for building strong teeth.

Now when you want something with a crunch, don’t forget to give your teeth a healthy boost too!