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When Should Your Child Get Braces?

Thursday - August 4th, 2016
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All kids deserve a beautiful, straight smile.

However, the question ‘when should I consider braces for my child?’ doesn’t warrant a straightforward answer. There is no specific age that I recommend, as it will vary from child to child depending on personal needs. Some children can get braces as early as six or seven years old, even before all of their baby teeth have fallen out. It is wise, however, for parents to seek treatment ahead of any problems down the road. Braces can pave the way for permanent teeth to grow.

In some cases, children who develop cleft palates may require dental work before their first teeth come in. Even in these situations, down the road, those children may still need braces.

The American Society of Orthodontics dictates that children should pay a visit to the orthodontist before their seventh birthday, though if your child is experiencing issues such as mouth breathing, thumb sucking, early or late loss of teeth, and jaws that shift or make sounds, an early visit to your local dentist office is advised.

As you can see, parents do not necessarily have a set age target to plan for kids’ braces. What matters is monitoring their oral activity and then to decide when is right for them. As you know, your children’s’ teeth are just as unique as their endearing personalities.