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Dentists in the Military

Wednesday - May 17th, 2023
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Did you know dental care has been a part of the military since the Revolutionary War? Back then, blacksmiths and barbers were the professions that provided this service. Today, you will find highly-trained military dentists among our troops.

Because military dentists can be deployed to faraway locations, they may be the only dental provider in the area. Therefore, they have to be experts in many areas of dentistry. They may perform dental services in high-risk and intense situations and have to depend on their military training and experience to make sure their patients get the best care in extreme circumstances.

Military Dental Providers at Bright Now! Dental

At your local Bright Now! Dental office, you may find active or retired military dentists among our team of dentists. One of these dentists is Dr. Alan Wallker, DDS, FIDIA, who is a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel. He has spent nine years as a military dentist in the Army and attributes this period of his life to molding him to become the dentist he is today. When asked about his time in the Army, he says, “I was taught to practice to the top of my abilities. The Army encouraged me to learn many different areas of dentistry like oral surgery and dental sleep medicine.”

Honoring Military Dentists

Since Armed Forces Day is approaching, we honor everyone who has served and continues to serve. Let us also remember the important work military dentists do to support our troops. Oral health is a key component of one’s overall health and not addressing dental issues such as cavities, toothaches, or bleeding gums can lead to more complicated issues. Without our military dentists, our troops would not be able to perform their tasks to the best of their abilities.