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How to Treat Cold Weather Tooth Pain

Thursday - October 26th, 2023
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Playing in the snow, bundling up in your favorite sweater, and drinking hot cocoa are all fun in the winter, but cold weather can be brutal on your body. It can dry out skin, make lips chapped, and even make your teeth hurt! Learn more about tooth pain due to cold weather as well as tips for reducing this discomfort.

Can Weather Affect Tooth Pain?

Can cold weather cause tooth pain? During the winter months, you may notice a correlation between weather changes and tooth pain. Similar to how your teeth can react to a chilly bowl of ice cream, they may become more susceptible to sensitivity as the temperature decreases.

Each of your teeth is made up of several layers: pulp, dentin, and enamel. The dentin, which is between the pulp and enamel, will expand and contract with temperature changes. Sudden changes can cause stress on your teeth since the dentin reacts more quickly than your enamel. This stress on your tooth structure can be painful, but once the temperature normalizes, the pain should subside. If it does not disappear, then you should call your dentist, since it may be a sign of a bigger dental issue.

During the colder months, we also see increases in allergies, flu cases, and sinus infections. These can also cause tooth pain. If your tooth pain is caused by one of these ailments, make sure to see your doctor or physician to get proper treatment.

Tips for Alleviating Tooth Pain in Cold Weather

If the Pain Continues…

After warming up healthy teeth, the pain should go away. If your teeth still hurt or the sensitivities persist, we recommend scheduling a dental appointment. Persistent aching can be a sign of tooth decay, cavities, exposed dentin, eroding enamel, or gum disease. It is important to visit the dentist as soon as possible so they can pinpoint the exact cause of your pain. Book an appointment with our experienced Bright Now dentists to get your pain treated!


Can cold weather cause tooth pain?
Yes, cold weather can cause your teeth to become more painful. You may notice that your teeth become sensitive when you consume cold foods or drinks. This is the same thing that happens when it gets cold. If the pain lasts a few days, book an appointment with the dentist since it may be a sign of a more serious dental issue.