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10 Things You Will Need After Your Wisdom Teeth Removal

Thursday - June 7th, 2018
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Wisdom teeth/tooth removal surgery is very common, but everyone has a slightly different recovery story. If you’re nervous or just not sure what to expect, we are here to help with a few tips on things you will 100 percent NEED post-op.

1. Netflix

While you recover, you have a lot of down time. Let’s be honest, as great as reading is, we are all binge-watchers at heart. Recovery mode is the perfect opportunity to pick a show on Netflix and watch an entire season in one sitting, guilt free!

2. Tissues

You may be wondering why you would need tissues after an oral surgery. Well for one, you will drool for a while since your mouth is still numb; it’s very glamorous. You might also have trouble swallowing liquids, which means that water you are trying to drink, well, 50% of it will end up down your front.

3. Extra Gauze

A lot of people do not know that it can take several hours for your mouth to stop bleeding after the surgery. This is totally normal, so don’t panic! You will want to frequently replace the used gauze with fresh and clean gauze for comfort, as well as sanitary and medical purposes.

4. Ice Packs

Your face will likely swell and/or bruise after surgery. While it is completely normal to look like a chipmunk for a few days (and let’s be honest – pretty cute!), ice helps those of us who don’t like the full-face look.

5. Ice Cream and more Ice Cream

You may not have much of an appetite, but what always sounds good? Ice cream, which also helps numb your mouth, so it is a win-win. You will have an excuse for a solid week (okay, maybe three days) to eat nothing but ice cream; it is every little kid’s dream!

6. A Fuzzy Blanket

While your body takes the time to heal from the surgery, take advantage of the opportunity to nap, sometimes multiple times a day if you’re a pro. A big fuzzy blanket makes it cozy to nap just about anywhere, including the car on the way home from surgery.

7. Your Prescribed Medicine

Make sure you have someone, friend or family, pay attention to the recommended schedule from your doctor. It is hard to remember when you took your medicine when you are a bit hazy, plus in and out of sleep.

8. Your Surgeon’s Phone Number

This is more of a precaution in case you aren’t healing as predicted. It is possible for complications to set back your healing process. If anything concerns you, just call and check whether your

9. Water with NO straw

It is important to stay hydrated while you are healing, but remember not to use a straw because the sucking can cause your mouth to bleed more, or potentially pull your stitches loose prematurely.

10. Your mom

This is not a joke. You will seriously want your mom around because let’s be real, who doesn’t need their mom when they don’t feel their best? Not to mention that you can’t drive home while the anesthesia is still in your system.

Surgery always sounds scarier than it actually is. As long as you follow the doctor’s orders and keep these things close, you will come out the other side with four less teeth, but a brighter smile. Oh, and a new favorite Netflix show!