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Two Weeks to a Heart-Friendly Smile

Monday - February 12th, 2024
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It’s the month of love! This also includes self-love so why not show some extra care to your smile – which will also benefit your heart! Research suggests that a healthy smile is intertwined with a healthy heart so we came up with some simple tips to support both your oral and heart health. We know habits take time to set in so here’s a two-week schedule to help you gradually introduce these new healthy habits!

Day 1: Jumpstart to Success

Set the tone to a brighter and healthier smiler by dedicating two minutes every day and night to brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste. Yes, it’s really as simple as that. Not sure which brand of toothpaste to use? Just give your dental office a call and they’ll recommend one that works best for your smile.

Day 3: Bring in the Floss

Integrating flossing into your daily routine is a must. Brushing isn’t enough to remove plaque that is nestled in between your gums. Not a fan of traditional floss? You’re in luck! There are many different types of flossing products such as floss picks and water flossers so choose the one that works best for you!

Day 6: Hydrate

Now that you have your morning and night routine down, let’s start thinking about things you can do during the day. Drinking enough water is an important part of overall wellbeing. Sipping it throughout the day promotes a healthy mouth environment and may also reduce your risk for heart disease. Your body’s muscles, including the heart, work their best when they are well-hydrated.

Day 9: Smart Snacking

Now’s the time to start evaluating what you’ve been putting into your body. Sugary snacks and beverages are delicious but aren’t beneficial for you. Swap some of these unhealthy snacks for nutritious alternatives like fruits and vegetables. You’ll satisfy your cravings and get the added benefit of boosting your overall health. Munching on crunchy fruits and vegetables like carrots and apples can also help prevent stain build-up on teeth!

Day 12: Keep Moving!

Include some heart-pumping exercises in your new routine. Exercise is not only good for your heart but can also help reduce gum disease. Regularly exercising can help lower the amount of inflammation in your body and that includes your gums! Remember to consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

Day 14: Celebrate Taking Care of Yourself

We’ve reached the end of your two-week journey! Take a moment to appreciate all the good habits you’ve incorporated these two weeks. It’s important to maintain these habits for a lifetime to keep a healthy smile and heart!

Want to take on a bonus healthy habit? Visit your local Bright Now! Dental office twice a year to make sure your teeth are on the right track. If it’s been some time since your last dental visit, book an appointment today with our amazing team!