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Why Food Tastes Different After Brushing Teeth

Wednesday - August 10th, 2016
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Why does orange juice taste bad after brushing teeth? There’s a common misconception that the mint flavoring in your toothpaste is the culprit. Read more to find out why certain foods taste strange after using toothpaste as well as how to get rid of the bad taste after brushing your teeth.

What Can Cause a Bad Taste After Brushing Teeth?

Sodium laureth sulfate (SLS)
So if mint is not the reason why some foods may have a bitter taste after brushing teeth then what is? It’s sodium laureth sulfate (SLS), another ingredient found in toothpaste. SLS is a surfactant, or foaming agent, that uniformly spreads the toothpaste in your mouth making it easier for thorough brushing. It also affects your taste buds in a couple of different ways. First, it suppresses the receptors that pick up on the sweetness in foods and drinks. It also enhances bitter tastes, so anything sour that you eat or drink will taste really bitter.

Strong food oils
Certain foods have strong oils that can linger in your mouth. For example, if you consume a meal full of garlic and onions, you may still have an onion taste in your mouth after brushing. This is normal and should disappear after a few hours.

How to Get Rid of the Bad Taste In Your Mouth After Brushing Teeth

Good news! Food and drinks start to taste normal again about 30 minutes after using toothpaste, when your saliva has diluted and washed away all the leftover SLS. When you finish brushing your teeth, find some activities to do such as reading the paper, going for a morning jog, before eating breakfast.

What Happens if the Bad Taste is Still There?

If the taste remains for over a day, it may be a sign that you may have a more serious dental issue. Some people continue experiencing a metallic taste after brushing teeth which can signify a gum infection or decayed tooth.

If you consistently suffer from a bad taste in your mouth after brushing, book a dental visit. You’ll want a dentist to examine it before it worsens. At Bright Now! Dental, we want to make sure your mouth not only looks beautiful but feels fresh and clean. You know your mouth the best so if a weird taste remains in your mouth even though you are keeping up good brushing habits, book an appointment with one of our amazing dentists.


How to get rid of bad taste after brushing teeth?
Don’t eat or drink right after. Wait 30 minutes after brushing before eating and drinking.

Why does my mouth taste bad or sour even after brushing teeth?
Sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) in your toothpaste can cause food to taste bad if you eat immediately after brushing your teeth. If the bad taste does not go away and lingers for a long period of time, this can be a sign that you are dealing with a more serious dental issue such as tooth decay or gum disease. Book an appointment with your dentist to get your teeth checked.