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Back-To-The Dentist Tips!

Tuesday - August 15th, 2023
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Are your kids ready to go back to school? Make sure they start their school year right with healthy smiles. Here are a few tips to help ensure your family is prepared for the new school year.

Fresh Start for Fresh Grins

Kick off the school year with a fresh start for your child’s teeth! This means checking their toothbrushes and making sure to replace them every 3 to 4 months. A new toothbrush will help keep plaque away and leave your kids with strong, shiny teeth they can proudly show off.

Protect Their Smiles

Back to school also means back to sports! If your child is part of a basketball, soccer, or any sports team, their smiles can be susceptible to unexpected impacts and falls. Invest in a mouth guard for them so they can avoid dental accidents. If they do experience a dental injury, call the closest Bright Now office and book an emergency dental visit. Our team is ready to bring back your child’s smile.

Don’t Forget to Hydrate!

Give your child a reusable water bottle so they can stay hydrated throughout the day. Water not only helps keep their bodies cool but is also a natural tooth cleanser, washing away food debris and cavity-inducing sugars.

Routine Oral Care

Help your child ace their oral health by making sure they have a consistent homecare routine. To keep those pearly whites gleaming, make sure they brush twice a day, two minutes each time, and teach them to floss properly and daily. Give them extra credit if they finish their oral care routine with mouthwash!

Dental Checkups!

One last tip – schedule a dental checkup to help ensure they have a healthy smile all year round. Trust your child’s oral health with our dental team at Bright Now! Dental. During these vital checkups, our dentists will make sure your child’s teeth are in good condition so they can keep enjoying school without having to worry about dental issues.

Your child’s oral health may not be on your mind as you prepare for the new school year. But, it’s important to remember their oral health since it contributes to their overall well-being and confidence. By checking off these tips, you’re setting up your child for success! Cheers to an amazing school year filled with, learning, growth, and many more reasons to smile!