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Shark Facts for Shark Week!

Wednesday - July 19th, 2023
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Shark Week is coming up so we have some fun facts about our favorite ocean predator. Learn how shark teeth compare with our teeth!

Shark Teeth Comparison

Perhaps the most scary or fascinating thing about sharks is their teeth. They can have 15 rows of teeth at any given time and these chompers continuously regrow to replace any lost or worn-out ones. This is really different from humans who only have two sets of teeth (20 baby teeth and 32 permanent adult teeth). Though we cannot regrow our adult teeth, we do have a dental lifesaver that will help strengthen tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay: fluoride! This can be found in your toothpaste so make sure to keep up your brushing habits. For those that do have missing teeth, look into dental implant options and restore your smile with something that looks and feels just like your natural teeth.

Strong Chompers

It’s no surprise that shark teeth are extremely strong and can exert up to 1.5 tons of bite force! Of course, our teeth can’t compare to the strength of these apex predators but they are stronger than you may think. Tooth enamel is harder than your bones, which allows you to enjoy munching on crunchy, hard foods. Just make sure to protect your tooth enamel by avoiding overly acidic foods which may wear them down.

Shark Teeth Anatomy

Fun fact: The largest shark tooth ever found was over 7 inches! Sharks have teeth that come in various shapes and sizes and they all serve unique purposes. The long and pointed teeth are used for grasping their prey while the flat and serrated teeth are for tearing. Human teeth also have specific roles. For example, our incisors bite into foods, canines are used for tearing and are molars are used for grinding.

We hope you found these shark teeth facts interesting! One thing that wild sharks don’t have is a dentist to make sure their teeth are in good condition. Don’t skip out on your dental visits and if you are experiencing any kind of discomfort, schedule an appointment with your closest Bright Now! Dental office!