We love our patients at Bright Now Dental, but we also know you’d prefer to spend as little time in our office as possible. It’s OK—we get it.

Dental work beyond the occasional check-up can be painful, time consuming and costly. That’s why it’s so important to maintain a healthy lifestyle between visits to the dentist.

We know you’re busy, so we’ve condensed this week’s post into four easy changes you can make starting today, to help improve your oral health.

1.    Switch from sugary sodas to sparkling water and fruit. A lot of what you love about soda can be had with this much healthier alternative. Try squeezing a lemon into your water, or adding some berries. Not only will you be keeping sugars from forming acids that can eat away at your teeth, you’ll be cutting some big-time calories from your diet, too.
2.    Order water with every drink you buy. Sensing a theme here? Water is great for your teeth and mouth. It’s OK to enjoy other types of beverages, as long as you clean your mouth out afterward. Water can prevent sugary drinks from lingering and causing bad breath and tooth decay, and it will help keep teeth from staining.
3.    Phase out chewy candies for hard sweets. Sugar isn’t necessarily bad for you; it’s the acids that are created when the bacteria in your mouth break down sugar. That starts to happen when sugars hang around in your mouth for too long, which is why chewy candies can be particularly bad for teeth. Phase them out of your snack routine, or be sure to thoroughly clean your teeth after you indulge.
4.    Switch to xylitol gum. This is one of the easiest ways to avoid too much sugar, especially if you chew gum a lot. Xylitol is sweet like sugar, but the bacteria in your mouth can’t break it down. That means less of a chance of bad breath and tooth decay. Chewing gum, by the way, is great for your mouth. It keeps it moisturized, which keeps your breath fresh and prevents cracking on your tongue and gums.

The most important thing is to visit your dentist regularly. You can schedule an appointment 24 hours a day using our online scheduling tool: ">
We love our patients at Bright Now Dental, but we also know you’d prefer to spend as little time in our office as possible. It’s OK—we get it.Dental work beyond the occasional check-up can be painful, time consuming and costly. That’s why it’s so important to maintain a healthy lifestyle between vis ...
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