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Chipped Tooth? Orlando Emergency Dentist Has Affordable Fixes

Friday - November 17th, 2017
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Our teeth are strong and sturdy, and sometimes we think they can handle just about anything. Accidents can happen – especially when it comes to a chipped tooth. If you have a filling or bonding that’s broken off, the need for an emergency dentist can’t wait. Whether you’re traveling or at home, use a dentist near me search to find the nearest Bright Now! Dental office. We’ll have you in and out in no time, leaving your chipped tooth with a new filling or bonding, stronger than ever. If you’ve found yourself with a chipped tooth and pinched for time, our Orlando emergency dentist dishes on how you can fix this dental emergency.

What’s Considered a Dental Emergency?

You’ve got a toothache, a chipped tooth, or a sensitive tooth – but what really qualifies as an emergency? Your time is valuable, and distinguishing what’s an emergency and what can wait matters. Understanding the severity of a chipped tooth versus small sensitivity to a food like ice cream can help you assess what should take priority when it comes to your oral health care. When it comes to your teeth, we always advise you stay on the safe side and visit your dentist if you’re facing any concerning issues.

Anything that could risk the loss of a tooth, the inability to stop bleeding, or severe pain is considered a dental emergency. If you are facing any of these issues, please contact an emergency dentist immediately to seek treatment. This can help save your teeth, should they be at risk and potentially detect larger issues that are showing symptoms in your oral health. This is especially true for abscessed infections that can spread to the rest of the body.

Chipped Tooth?

Having a chipped tooth can be a scary feeling. Some patients don’t even feel that their tooth has fractured before they feel around and realize a part of their tooth is missing! Others may feel it right when it happens. There are several reasons people may experience a chipped tooth:

Injury from impact

Surprisingly, one of the most common reason patients have a chipped tooth is from injury. This can either happen from contact sports, auto accidents, or falling. Whatever the reason, the impact can cause your tooth to chip, fracture, or fall out. If this is the case, it’s important to visit your emergency dentist to assess that there isn’t any damage to your surrounding teeth, including the nerve tissue. Depending on the severity of the accident, your dentist will examine what they’re able to do to alleviate any pain associated with your tooth and then work to repair the damage.

Biting on something too hard

Sometimes we think our teeth are invincible and can handle devouring just about anything – jawbreaker anyone? However, our teeth can only handle so much and when it comes to hard foods it can be easy to chip a tooth. Foods like hard candies, citrus, coffee, chips, and even ice can wreak havoc on your teeth. Keeping these foods to a minimum, or at least being cautious while you consume them can help save your teeth from risky damage.

Cavities that weakened the tooth

Cavities are small holes that have formed from built up plaque and bacteria on your teeth. This hole in the enamel is not only painful, but greatly weakens your tooth. If left untreated, you’re more susceptible to fracturing your tooth. Combined with chewing hard foods, it’s a recipe for a chipped tooth.

An old filling

Dental fillings can last for years, but eventually they will need to get replaced. Sometimes patients wait longer than they should, leaving the tooth prone to being chipped. With fillings, it’s really important to see an emergency dentist as the cracked filling will leave your tooth prone to cavities once again. You’ll have to get a new filling or bonding to prevent bacteria from forming a new cavity.

Cracked vs. Broken Tooth

A cracked tooth may not cause that much pain when it initially happens if the fracture is minor. If your nerve endings are exposed, you might feel more sensitivity to temperature and touch. Whichever the severity, there is no at-home treatment for a cracked tooth. If you’re experiencing a lot of pain, or pain that lingers, you should see an emergency dentist as soon as possible to check for any nerve damage.

A broken tooth on the other hand, should be seen by an emergency dentist immediately. Your dentist can then assess what caused your tooth to break, and provide you with a filling, bonding, or suggest a tooth implant depending on the damage. A broken tooth can be more painful, especially if it impacted your nerve endings. If you’ve been traveling in the Orlando area, perform a dentist near me search to find the closest Bright Now! Dental location. With plenty of emergency dental hours, you can be seen immediately and get back to your travel plans.

If you have a chipped tooth and are waiting to see your dentist you can:




Fixing a Chipped Tooth

The remedy your dentist will choose will depend on the type of break that occurred with your chipped tooth. If you’ve chipped off a small bit of your tooth enamel, your dentist may be able to fix it with a filling. This is the same method dentists use to fix cavities. Similarly, if any tooth decay has affected your chipped tooth it is removed before the area is filled in with a filling material.

If the chipped tooth is more visible, your dentist may use a bonding to restore your tooth. Tooth colored resin is applied to with adhesive material to recreate what was once there. Your dentist will then shape the tooth as it once was and use an ultraviolet light to harden the material.

Should your tooth have a severe break caused by tooth decay, your dentist may use a crown to bring the tooth back together. This is especially true if the fracture has caused a large hole or piece of the tooth to be missing. A crown is put on top of the tooth to protect it from future plaque and bacteria. The dental crown can be made of metal, porcelain, or resin.

Dental Emergencies and Your Insurance

Dental emergencies like a chipped tooth often happen unexpectedly, regardless of what your financial state might be like. If you have a chipped or broken tooth, it’s important to see your dentist right away before the tooth worsens or causes further damage to your mouth and body. If you have a dental emergency, your dental insurance might already cover accidents like a chipped tooth. At Bright Now! Dental, our Orlando offices accept most dental insurance plans taking the stress out of your hands. If you don’t have dental insurance, there’s no worry as we have several financing options and payment plans to take care of whatever dental emergency you’re facing.

Other Urgent Dental Services

If you’re experiencing other dental emergencies that should be seen by your dentist straight away, you can call your Bright Now! Dental office to schedule an appointment. Some other urgent dental services we have include:


If you have a toothache that has persisted, it may be time to visit your dentist. Because there are many factors that can play into a toothache, a professional assessment from your dentist can help you get toothache relief much quicker, and potentially save you from larger dental issues later on.

Lost filling or crown

If you have ever experienced a lost filling or crown you know just how painful they can be. Our Bright Now! Dental office has staff on hand ready to repair any lost filling or crown. When this happens, the former cavity on your tooth enamel is re-exposed to bacteria and plaque that can increase damage. Typically your nerve endings are exposed, making sensitivity much more painful. You’ll want to get a new filling or crown as soon as possible.

Broken braces

While it’s uncommon, patients have been known to break their braces or wires. Either from contact sports or eating hard foods, if your wires or brackets have been pushed a certain way it can be painful. You’ll want to see your emergency dentist when this happens to fix the wires from damaging your gums or cheeks, but also to make sure damage hasn’t taken place to your actual teeth.


An abscessed or infected tooth should be seen immediately by your dentist. In these cases, your tooth may need extraction if the tooth is damaged beyond repair. Infection can affect your entire body, so seeking treatment early on is imperative. Be aware of the signs of gum disease and understand how you may develop an abscessed tooth.

Injury to the mouth

Along with a chipped tooth, any injury to the mouth should be seen by your dentist. Even if your teeth are all intact, it’s a good idea to have an oral exam performed to ensure your nerves, gum and bone tissue are healthy.

If you’re ever unsure whether to call discomfort, pain, or damage to your teeth an emergency, it’s always better to have a professional look. At Bright Now! Dental we offer affordable dental emergency care, making a quick appointment and the piece of mind you’ll find priceless. If you have a chipped tooth, or any other dental emergency you’ve been wanting to have examined you can make an appointment online or calling us at 1-844-400-7645. Whether you’re a local or just traveling through Orlando, our offices are always on standby to assist whatever dental needs you’ve got!