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Dental Fillings at Bright Now! Dental

Dental fillings are used to rebuild tooth structure once a cavity or decay has been removed. Fillings restore the tooth’s structure and stop further damage. Treating tooth decay early is important as it can reduce the need for more costly dental procedures in the future.

What Are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are small restorations used to repair cavities, which are essentially openings in teeth, created by an active infection. By filling areas of tooth decay, we can help prevent it from spreading further into the tooth or into the adjacent tooth enamel or requiring more complex treatment later on. Since fillings rebuild the damaged tooth structures, you’re able to continue biting, chewing, and smiling as usual!

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Types of Dental fillings

· Composite Resin – Tooth-colored dental fillings that blend in with your smile, providing a treatment experience that no one will know is there!
· Porcelain Inlays – Lab-made fillings (also called “three-quarter crowns”) like dental inlays and onlays provide more protection than smaller fillings, but require less tooth alteration than a full-coverage dental crown.
· Metal Amalgams – Silver colored dental fillings that are used less often now as composite resins are much more natural looking and visually appealing.

What are the Benefits of Dental Fillings?

The greatest advantage of dental fillings is that they protect the long-term integrity and health of your tooth. By treating decay early, we stop the spread of oral disease and protect the adjacent tooth structures.
Because not all cavities hurt, it’s essential to get regular check-ups to ensure your teeth are cavity-free.

Why Choose Bright Now for Dental Fillings?

At Bright Now! Dental, we provide several options of affordably priced fillings. Their long-lasting results help you prevent more serious dental health issues, such as abscessed teeth or other painful dental emergencies.

As your family’s comprehensive dental provider, Bright Now’s experienced dentists offer all dental services under one roof. You’ll get to enjoy a healthy smile with the support of our professional dental team who treats you just like family.

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What is it Like to Get a Dental Filling at Bright Now! Dental?

Getting your tooth filled generally takes between 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of your cavity or the extent of the tooth damage. If you have multiple cavities, chips, or worn areas that need repaired, our dentist may recommend treating all of them during one appointment, so that your mouth will only need to be numbed once.

When you arrive for your filling appointment, we’ll apply a numbing gel to a small area on the inside of your cheek. Once your cheek tissue is numb, the dentist will inject a local anesthetic to numb the tooth we’re treating. It will take a few minutes for the local anesthetic to take effect, but when it does, we will use a small tool to remove the damaged tooth material. It’s normal to feel some minor pressure and vibrations during this phase of the filling process, but otherwise you can expect to feel fairly comfortable.

Once the decayed or damaged material is removed and your tooth is clean, our dentist may use gauze and small wedges to isolate the tooth and keep it dry. Then we will use a special tool to place and shape the composite resin or metal amalgam filling in the prepared tooth to rebuild the decayed area. If resin is used, we will select the best color to match your adjacent tooth enamel, so that it isn’t visible when you smile. For white fillings, a UV light will be used to cure the material.

If a porcelain filling or inlay is recommended, we will schedule two appointments to complete your procedure. During the first appointment, the tooth will be cleaned and a mold will be made so that our lab can design a customized porcelain filling. During your second appointment, the inlay will be inserted into place. In some cases, digitized computer-aided programs can be used to design and create your inlay. If this service is located in your area, the porcelain filling can usually be designed and placed in a single appointment.

What is the Recovery and Aftercare Like for a Dental filling?

Immediately after your dental filling appointment, your mouth will still be numb, but the anesthetic should wear off within a few hours. Until then, avoid eating anything hard or hot. Some minor jaw soreness is common from having your mouth open and where the injection was administered, but is temporary. Some patients also experience sensitivity in the filled tooth, especially if the cavity was large, but symptoms typically fade within a week or two.

Caring for a tooth with a dental filling is similar to caring for any other healthy tooth. Please make sure to brush and floss the tooth daily to prevent oral bacteria from accumulating on or around the filling, as recurring tooth decay may develop without good oral hygiene. It’s also important to see us for regular checkups and cleaning appointments every six months to make sure the filling doesn’t become worn or damaged. If it does, early detection allows you and our dentist to intervene before additional or more aggressive treatments are needed.

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How Much Does a Dental filling Cost?

Our goal is to provide affordable dental care to ensure your family is able to keep your smiles healthy. Our affordable dental fillings costs vary depending on the type of filling material used and the size of the area being repaired.
When you book your dental appointment, our team will provide you with a detailed treatment plan outlining costs, insurance coverage associated with your dental procedures. For exact pricing on our affordable dental fillings, contact the Bright Now! Dental team nearest you.

Insurances Accepted

Most dental insurances help cover the cost of dental fillings. We accept most PPO and HMO insurance plans and you can verify whether or not we accept your insurance by using our convenient zip code tool. If you have concerns about the cost of your treatment, we also offer affordable payment plans* that can be paired with your insurance benefits.
Patients without insurance can take advantage of Bright Now! Dental’s OneSmile Dental Plan, for 20%-40% off most dental services for one low annual fee.

Bright Now Flexible Payment Plans

By treating cavities as early as possible, you can keep the cost of your dental fillings to a minimum. Even when you don’t have dental insurance coverage, our affordable care options include low interest, flexible financing* for all of your restorative needs. Our goal is to keep you smiling!
*On approved credit. ( we need to only mention this one time at the bottom of the page where any financing message is mentioned)

What to Do When A Filling is Damaged?

While dental fillings are durable enough to last for several years, it’s important to routinely check for signs of wear, chips, or cracks, as these can allow bacteria to enter the tooth and cause new areas of decay under your filling.
Signs your filling may be damaged include:
• Sensitivity in the tooth
• Pain when brushing or flossing
• Pain when biting down
• Dark coloring in the tooth immediately surrounding the filling
• An odd sensation when biting down on something
• Bad breath that does not go away with brushing
• A toothache
• Floss getting caught around your tooth

The best thing to do for a damaged filling is to seek treatment early. If there are any signs of damage, we may be able to remove the damaged filling and replace it before bigger problems develop. If a damaged filling is left unaddressed for too long, it can lead to extensive decay that may require a larger filling, more serious dental procedures, or even the loss of the tooth.

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Affordable Dental Fillings Near You

At Bright Now! Dental, we’re committed to helping our patients and their families enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles. With our affordable prices and flexible payment options, it’s easier than ever to have the smile you deserve. Book your appointment today.