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Pediatric Dentist

When it comes to dental health, the earlier good habits start, the better, and pediatric dentists can play an important part in helping your child get started on the right foot. While general dentists can see patients of all ages, including children, pediatric dentists only treat patients 18 years and younger and have special training in dental issues unique to children.

In addition to our general and specialty dental services, Bright Now! Dental offers pediatric dentistry at some of our offices, so if you’re seeking a specialized dentist for your child please contact one of our offices. Even if we don’t offer pediatric dentistry at your nearest location, all of Bright Now! Dental’s general dentists are trained and experienced in treating children, so you can be confident you and your family will get the dental care you need and deserve.

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What is a pediatric dentist?

A pediatric dentist is a specially trained dentist who is required to complete at least two additional years of schooling and residency focused specifically on treating children up to age 18 and all of the possible dental needs specific to this age set. Their extra training includes the unique challenges a child’s developing teeth face, as well as ways to help make children comfortable at the dentist and parents create good oral health habits at home. They also have training in special tools and pain management methods specifically designed for children to ensure the quickest and most effective care. 

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When should I see a pediatric dentist?

Most dentists recommend that parents should schedule an appointment with their regular dentist or a local pediatric dentist six months after the first eruption of the first baby teeth or shortly after your baby’s first birthday. 

The first visit is likely to be short, and more of an introduction between your child and the dentist than anything else. This is a chance to familiarize your child with the office and the experience of visiting the dentist, as well as a chance for the dentist to get a good idea for where your child is developmental and provide you with resources and ideas for establishing good oral hygiene habits.

What makes a visit to a pediatric dentist different?

A visit to a pediatric dentist will be a little different than a trip to your regular dentist. Pediatric dental offices are often designed and decorated specifically with children in mind. Smaller seating and fun waiting rooms filled with music, toys, or movies are common, so you can expect a little more noise and a little less stress for your child. Treatment areas will have smaller equipment and chairs, and there may be movies or other distractions here as well to keep your child occupied. Your child may also receive a small toy or reward at the end of the appointment to encourage positive behavior and a return for future care. All of this is to create an inviting, enjoyable environment children want to come to and that reduces stress and anxiety about treatment or procedures.

In addition to their kid-friendly approach, pediatric dentists also have special training in area specific to childhood dental development, such as:

  • Teeth that are shifting as a result of thumb sucking or bottle or pacifier dependency
  • Decay that can result from “baby bottle mouth”
  • The development and eruption schedules of both baby and adult teeth
  • Resources and guidance for developing good oral hygiene habits
  • Referrals to trusted orthodontists
  • Pediatric sedation dentistry for important procedures like fillings, sealants, or crowns

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Why should I choose pediatric dental services at Bright Now! Dental?

Quality dental care from Bright Now! Dental can help get your kids started on the path toward great dental health*. Our highly trained staff and doctors have a unique understanding of our smallest patients, and we’re committed to creating a warm, fun, and friendly environment that produces a positive experience. Find the Bright Now! Dental location nearest you to see what pediatric services are available and keep your whole family smiling brighter.

*Most of Bright Now! Dental’s general dentists are experienced in treating pediatric patients, making it easy and convenient for everyone in your family to receive quality dental care at one familiar location. Please check with your nearest Bright Now! Dental location for more specific information regarding dental care services for your child.

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