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Find Dental Bridges in Denver

Visit Bright Now! Dental located in Denver for expertly crafted dental bridges. Among our range of tooth replacement solutions, dental bridges stand out as one of the most popular, effective, and economically viable choices.

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Are Dental Bridges for you?

Is a Dental Bridge Right for Me?

Numerous reasons might lead someone to consider a dental bridge, such as filling in gaps created by missing teeth, preventing adjacent teeth from shifting, and restoring the full function of chewing. With their exceptional durability, well-maintained dental bridges can provide years of reliable service.

If you’re seeking alternatives to partial dentures or dental implants either due to personal preference or specific eligibility, dental bridges offer an excellent avenue. At Bright Now! in Denver, we focus on tailoring your patient experience to your individual oral health needs, financial considerations, aesthetic inclinations, and the extent of tooth loss.

Our commitment extends to making restorative dentistry accessible through affordable financing options. Our adaptable payment plans are designed to harmonize seamlessly with your monthly budget.

Book your appointment today for a consultation at Bright Now! Dental in Denver. Get your customized treatment plan and start on the path to restoring and perfecting your smile!

Our Patient Reviews

David Y. on Google
1 week ago
Very great people and staff been going to them 7 years now always the same people and timely great service been seeing the same dentist since started there
Kiki L. on Google
1 week ago
Shermay and Dr. Kim are both so wonderful
Thomas L N. on Google
3 weeks ago
I cannot express how much I appreciate the very professional staff at Bright Now Dental that has taken care of all of my dental needs and helping me keep my smile bright. From the Doctor to all additional staff required for each appointment.
David A. on Google
1 month ago
Always a positive experience when I have a dental appointment here. Very friendly and professional staff. I feel at ease during any dental process and they always check in to see if I am feeling any discomfort.
Renee A. on Google
1 month ago
Very informative friendly and professional.
Dolores Andrade M. on Google
1 month ago
This office was fantastic. Even though my bridge was difficult for me and painful. Dr. Kim and staff did an amazing job and my bridge looks beautiful. Feels good to be able to chew again, thank you so much ladies.
Sandra H. on Google
1 month ago
All of the people at Bright Now! Dental are there to answer any and all of your questions and walk you through every procedure. They are all very professional at what they do.
Betty H. on Google
1 month ago
I had a good experience e at Bright Now Dental. The entire staff was friendly n knowledgeable. I'm planning g to continue to keep them as my dentist. Betty
PatsyPats B. on Google
1 month ago
Everyone who was at the office was very nice and helpful! Thank you so much for always being so helpful and so polite!
Niku . on Google
2 months ago
Amazing staff, everyone is so friendly! They do great work, I would recommend!
Emily R. on Google
2 months ago
Dr. Lee was fabulous! I love the work she did on me. Definitely would recommend her.
Nikky S. on Google
2 months ago
Doctor Kim Is amazing and caring, And all of her staff is just as warm and kind to be around. Those ladies all make me feel so Safe and well-cared-for.
Jeff C. on Google
3 months ago
Went in as a new patient, under the impression of getting an exam as well as a cleaning. I was informed the hygienist's schedule changed, and that I would have to come at a future date for the cleaning. I explained that due to distance and juggling work schedules, that would be difficult to do. So, after the exam, the dentist, Dr. Lee, personally cleaned my teeth. Very nice staff, quick service, and made the entire process simple and pleasant.
Francisco M. on Google
3 months ago
I was taken good care of and I found the office to be a winner.

Dental Bridge Placement

Step 1: Tooth Preparation – This typically involves removing a small amount of enamel on adjacent teeth to make room for the bridge’s crowns.

Step 2: Impressions – Your dentist will take precise impressions of your prepared teeth. You may also receive a temporary bridge to protect your exposed teeth.

Step 3: Bridge Fabrication – The bridge is fabricated to match the color, shape, and size of your natural teeth for a seamless fit.

Step 4: Fitting the Bridge – Once your custom bridge is ready, your dentist will carefully check the fit and make any necessary adjustments to ensure comfort and functionality.

Step 5: Bridge Placement – Your dentist will use dental cement to secure the bridge in place. The crowns on the adjacent teeth will anchor the bridge, providing stability and support.

Step 6: Final Adjustments – Your dentist will make final adjustments to ensure that your bite is even and comfortable. This step is crucial for proper functionality and long-term comfort.

Step 7: Enjoy Your New Smile – With your dental bridge securely in place, you can now enjoy the benefits of a complete and beautiful smile. Smile with confidence, eat your favorite foods, and savor the improved functionality and aesthetics.

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Diagram of a Dental Bridge