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Find Emergency Dentistry in Denver

Discover the convenience of Bright Now! Dental located in Denver, catering to individuals in need of immediate dental aid during unforeseen circumstances. Whether you’re battling an agonizing toothache or facing a dental emergency, Bright Now! Dental provides accessible emergency dental care, conveniently available nearby.

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Woman in need of Emergency Dental Care

Do you have a Dental Emergency?

During instances when your ability to eat, speak comfortably, or fulfill work and school commitments is compromised, seeking emergency dental care is important. Even for people with mild discomfort, we make it a priority to accommodate you at the earliest convenience. Common emergencies we see include missing teeth, infections, or abscesses.

At Bright Now! Dental in Denver, our commitment extends to providing comprehensive emergency dental treatment that is both cost-effective and holistic in approach. Our primary objective is to alleviate your discomfort promptly. Our reasonably priced dental procedures are designed to alleviate any stress or concerns. Reach out to us, and we will provide step-by-step guidance for managing your dental emergency, as well as assist in arranging your visit at the earliest feasible time.

Locate the nearest Bright Now! Dental in Denver and call us today. Get the relief you need.

Our Patient Reviews

Melvin G. on Google
1 day ago
Had a wonderful experience with Dr. Kimli she was great, professional and made me feel super comfortable.
Khris L. on Google
3 weeks ago
Not to say that i wouldn't go here again but it is a bit on the pricey side of things..
Robin N. on Google
3 weeks ago
Best dentist every
Gavonta H. on Google
4 weeks ago
I've been here a few times. Each time the staff is courteous and kind.
Doug U. on Google
1 month ago
Quick efficient and affordable
Brian H. on Google
1 month ago
Very professional on point and do not waste any time. The front dental receptionist speaks clearly and has no problem with scheduling. The doctor and the hygienists are extremely thorough and on point. This is the office to go to.
Anthony T. on Google
1 month ago
They treat you very well and very professional
Brian s. on Google
1 month ago
My experience was 👍 Great!!!!
VIctoria H. on Google
1 month ago
Always personable and concerned for all needs. A pleasure each visit.
Terry N. on Google
1 month ago
Outstanding front office staff. Very welcoming. Shermay, my Hygienist did an excellent job cleaning my teeth. She's very proficient & with a smile. My dentist is equally excellent and proficient. I highly recommend coming to this dental office for a great dental experience.
Ryan W. on Google
2 months ago
Dr Kim is super nice and always delivers excellent results. The rest of the staff is super friendly.
Nathaniel B. on Google
2 months ago
Very friendly and helpful staff, very easy to check in as a new patient as well.
Heidi H (. on Google
2 months ago
Dr. Elisa Kim Lee is THE BEST general dentist I have ever met (so kind, caring, compassionate, gentle) ranking up there with my previous dentist of 25+ years (change in insurance is what caused me to find Dr. Lee)!! Her entire staff is just as great as she is - Very warm, caring and friendly and they are also so on top of things for you/your care/prior authorizations, etc… In addition to Dr. Lee, I have to give a huge shoutout to both Yaz and Jen - Because they have been a shoulder to cry on and have totally taken care of me, in every way they possibly could within their positions AND if it wasn’t for them, I never would’ve gotten in to see Dr. Lee in the first place 😊 (which was the exact same day as I called)!! The back office staff is the exact same - I just don’t know names :( - And I haven’t had the chance to get to know them as well as the front office staff!! Their motto and values are so so wonderful as well!! I highly highly recommend them!! Check them out - You will NOT be disappointed!!
Priscilla S. on Google
4 months ago
❤️Dr Crosby feel better with the new RX Fast friendly service 👍
Bob D. on Google
4 months ago
This Bright Now Dental always takes great care of me and I am grateful! Thank you ladies!
Bogusia J. on Google
4 months ago
I have admit that I am lucky to find this place. Starting with the front desk and the doctor Lee it was a great experience. Everyone very professional, kind and the Doctor Lee does the fantastic job.
Anita J. on Google
4 months ago
I'm sorry, but I don't evaluate my experience for the world to read, but only for the hygienist and those in your office who may want to read it.
Douglas N. on Google
5 months ago
Jeffery B. on Google
5 months ago
I was seen promptly. Very informative and attentive to my needs. Fantastic staff
Jean B. on Google
6 months ago
Highly recommend them. This was my first time there and I will not be going to anybody else. Very gentle and nonjudging.
David Y. on Google
6 months ago
Very great people and staff been going to them 7 years now always the same people and timely great service been seeing the same dentist since started there
Kiki L. on Google
6 months ago
Shermay and Dr. Kim are both so wonderful
Thomas L N. on Google
7 months ago
I cannot express how much I appreciate the very professional staff at Bright Now Dental that has taken care of all of my dental needs and helping me keep my smile bright. From the Doctor to all additional staff required for each appointment.
David A. on Google
7 months ago
Always a positive experience when I have a dental appointment here. Very friendly and professional staff. I feel at ease during any dental process and they always check in to see if I am feeling any discomfort.
Dolores Andrade M. on Google
7 months ago
This office was fantastic. Even though my bridge was difficult for me and painful. Dr. Kim and staff did an amazing job and my bridge looks beautiful. Feels good to be able to chew again, thank you so much ladies.
Sandra H. on Google
7 months ago
All of the people at Bright Now! Dental are there to answer any and all of your questions and walk you through every procedure. They are all very professional at what they do.
Betty H. on Google
7 months ago
I had a good experience e at Bright Now Dental. The entire staff was friendly n knowledgeable. I'm planning g to continue to keep them as my dentist. Betty
PatsyPats B. on Google
7 months ago
Everyone who was at the office was very nice and helpful! Thank you so much for always being so helpful and so polite!
Nikita . on Google
8 months ago
Amazing staff, everyone is so friendly! They do great work, I would recommend!
Emily R. on Google
8 months ago
Dr. Lee was fabulous! I love the work she did on me. Definitely would recommend her.
Nikky S. on Google
8 months ago
Doctor Kim Is amazing and caring, And all of her staff is just as warm and kind to be around. Those ladies all make me feel so Safe and well-cared-for.

Dental Emergencies

When to seek immediate dental care.

Chipped Tooth Repair

Lost or Knocked-out Tooth – If you ever knock out a tooth, don’t panic—reach out to a dentist within the next hour. This window is crucial for a chance at tooth reimplantation.

To increase the odds of saving your tooth:

  • Keep it moist! Use milk, saline, or contact solution.
  • Avoid touching the tooth’s root surface.
  • Reduce swelling with a cold compress.
  • Limit bleeding by applying firm pressure.
  • Consider using over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen (Motrin) for comfort.

Infection or Abscess – Don’t ignore those persistent toothaches or gum blisters—they could be signs of a tooth abscess. Immediate treatment is essential to preserve your tooth. Waiting can lead to the unfortunate need for extraction.

Broken, Cracked, or Chipped Tooth – Whether it’s a result of a tumble, a hard bite, or aging dental work, broken teeth can be a pain—literally.

Here’s what to do:

  • Avoid using the damaged side of your mouth.
  • Preserve any significant tooth fragments in milk or saline solution.
  • Bring them to our office on the same day for prompt attention.

Remember, we’re here to help you smile, even in emergencies!

Urgent Dental Care

When care is important, but not an emergency.

Urgent Dental Care Tooth Pain

Lost or Broken Crown – These can happen due to sneaky new cavities or temporary cement. Stay clear of sticky and hard munchies, and snag an appointment at your earliest convenience. Don’t forget to bring the crown with you.

Lost or Damaged Filling – Broken or lost fillings put your natural tooth at risk of more cracks. Avoid biting down on that side and schedule an appointment to prevent further dental damage.

Loose Braces or Brackets – Grab some orthodontic wax to soothe those pesky spots or wires playing rough with your mouth. If needed, nail clippers can help trim rogue wires until you can visit the office.

Persistent Mouth Pain or Toothaches – It could be anything from sinus issues to sneaky cavities or cracked teeth. Reach out to us if that toothache sticks around for more than a week, especially if it’s in a specific area of your mouth.

We’re here to help one smile at a time – book online today!

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