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Find Emergency Dentistry in Orlando

Explore dental services at Bright Now! Dental in Orlando, we cater to your urgent dental needs. If you’re grappling with a distressing toothache or a similar dental crisis, Bright Now! Dental provides cost-effective emergency dentistry in your area.

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Do you have a Dental Emergency?

Emergency dental care becomes crucial when your ability to eat, speak comfortably, or attend work or school is compromised due to dental issues. If you’re facing mild discomfort, we can generally accommodate you at your earliest convenience. Our emergency dentistry services encompass a range of common situations, including lost or knocked-out teeth, infections, and abscesses.

At Bright Now! Dental in Orlando, we are dedicated to offering accessible, comprehensive, and budget-friendly emergency dental treatment. Our goal is to swiftly alleviate your pain and discomfort. Even if you lack dental insurance, our reasonably priced dental procedures will provide reassurance. Upon reaching out to us, we will guide you through the necessary steps for addressing your dental emergency and coordinate your visit to our office at your earliest convenience.

Locate your nearby Bright Now! Dental branch in Orlando and contact us without delay. Relief from pain is just a call away.

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Dental Emergencies

When to seek immediate dental care.

Chipped Tooth Repair

Lost or Knocked-out Tooth – If you ever knock out a tooth, don’t panic—reach out to a dentist within the next hour. This window is crucial for a chance at tooth reimplantation.

To increase the odds of saving your tooth:

  • Keep it moist! Use milk, saline, or contact solution.
  • Avoid touching the tooth’s root surface.
  • Reduce swelling with a cold compress.
  • Limit bleeding by applying firm pressure.
  • Consider using over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen (Motrin) for comfort.

Infection or Abscess – Don’t ignore those persistent toothaches or gum blisters—they could be signs of a tooth abscess. Immediate treatment is essential to preserve your tooth. Waiting can lead to the unfortunate need for extraction.

Broken, Cracked, or Chipped Tooth – Whether it’s a result of a tumble, a hard bite, or aging dental work, broken teeth can be a pain—literally.

Here’s what to do:

  • Avoid using the damaged side of your mouth.
  • Preserve any significant tooth fragments in milk or saline solution.
  • Bring them to our office on the same day for prompt attention.

Remember, we’re here to help you smile, even in emergencies!

Urgent Dental Care

When care is important, but not an emergency.

Urgent Dental Care Tooth Pain

Lost or Broken Crown – These can happen due to sneaky new cavities or temporary cement. Stay clear of sticky and hard munchies, and snag an appointment at your earliest convenience. Don’t forget to bring the crown with you.

Lost or Damaged Filling – Broken or lost fillings put your natural tooth at risk of more cracks. Avoid biting down on that side and schedule an appointment to prevent further dental damage.

Loose Braces or Brackets – Grab some orthodontic wax to soothe those pesky spots or wires playing rough with your mouth. If needed, nail clippers can help trim rogue wires until you can visit the office.

Persistent Mouth Pain or Toothaches – It could be anything from sinus issues to sneaky cavities or cracked teeth. Reach out to us if that toothache sticks around for more than a week, especially if it’s in a specific area of your mouth.

We’re here to help one smile at a time – book online today!

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